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Playlist limit: 100 tracks

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Why using our Spotify playlist downloader ?

Spotify is the most used audio streaming service online. Martin Lorentzon and Daniel Ek created Spotify in April 2006. With more than 400 million users, Spotify currently manages and shares over 82 million tracks, including over 4 million podcast episodes.

Our Spotify playlist downloader to mp3 allows you to easily download every playlists from Spotify to an zip file including all tracks in the best quality possible.
It has been built on the latest technologies to provide you with one of the best Spotify downloader on the web.

This Spotify playlist downloader is free, fast and without limit. No personnal informations are collected through this website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a playlist size limit?

Yes, there's a limit of 100 tracks by playlist.

How to download Spotify playlist from website or desktop app?

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How to download Spotify playlist from mobile app?

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Is there any download limit?

No, you can download as many playlists as you want. You just need to be patient because there's a queue which can be huge at some hours of the day. Your playlist can stay several hours in the queue before being downloaded. You will receive a link by email, available for 24 hours, when the download of your playlist is complete.

Can I download Spotify playlist from Mac and Windows?

Yes, you can use our Spotify playlist downloader on mac and windows by using links from the Spotify website or the desktop app.

Can I download Spotify playlist from iOS and Android?

Yes, you can download Spotify playlists with every web browsers on mobile.